March 2021

Children in England started going back to school from Monday 8th March and many pupils have being given Lateral Flow Covid Tests before being admitted to the classrooms.


Amy-Scarlett underwent Lateral Flow Testing training and put together this handy illustrated guide for the pupils at the school where she works, to put them at their ease. 


The idea is to show them what they can expect. Thought it would be nice to share it!

February 2021 

In February, we received the first draft of the front cover of 'Why, Mummy?' from the publishers! Looking forward to sharing that very soon! 

January 2021 

Happy New Year! The text for 'Why, Mummy?' has been checked by the copy editor at The Book Guild. The text and illustrations will now be typeset, ready for proof-reading!  

In January, we set up a brand new Facebook page! Visit us at: @WhyMummyPictureBook.

December 2020

The full set of illustrations for 'Why, Mummy?' has now been submitted to the publisher's, The Book Guild, ready for them to do their magic! The book will be published in 2021 - watch this space for updates!

happy new year 2021

October 2020

Amy-Scarlett took part in Inktober 2020, which challenges artists and illustrators to come up with a drawing a day on a range of pre-set prompts every day during October. Here are Amy-Scarlett's responses to some of the Inktober prompts.